Free Relaxation and Meditation Resources

This page is more up to date.

By the way I’m definitely not suggesting that relaxation will cure anyone of a serious chronic illness. But probably it’s generally better in life to be relaxed rather than stressed if this is within your control. There is also no implied assumption that you should be meditating (otherwise it is your fault you are ill). That’s not the spirit of this at all. In fact for a while I used these resources regularly and now I don’t tend to. If you find it improves your quality of life use resources like this, if not don’t.

The resources are listed in order of how well I need to be to find them useful. I am attempting to make this website accessible to those with brain fog, so this post is organised as a simple list of resources, to be followed by discussion in separate posts:

 Brain Entrainment

Yoga Nidra

  • website: Yoga Nidra for ME (16 mins, music off)
  • app: Deeply Relax (10 mins, music on/offº)
  • youtube: Yoga Nidra (36 mins, music onº)
  • wellness required: ability to listen to instructions while lying still

Self Hypnosis


  • website: Free Meditation Info (e.g. 5 mins, music onº)
  • app: Sparsh Meditation, om mani padme hum, (e.g. 10 mins set repeat, music onº)
  • youtube: Maranatha (7 mins, music off)
  • wellness required: ability to concentrate on meditation while chanting


Gentle Yoga

If you’ve read the Assumptions page you’ll understand why I’m sharing free relaxation resources: relaxation techniques may be a cheap way to switch into a ‘rest and digest’ state which could maybe help you improve more quickly (or more likely cope better with being ill in the meantime). I definitely do not think that any techniques like this can cure serious chronic illness disability. It is worth being very wary of any website which makes such a claim. This seems to be a good rule of thumb:

“Beware simple answers to complex problems, or easy methods for accomplishing difficult goals. If you combine this maxim with the advice to be skeptical of any claims that are being made in order to sell you something – then ironically you have a simple method (perhaps I should call it an “elegant” method) for protecting yourself from most scams and cons.” Neurologica

Neuroscience and chronic illness seem particularly prone to pseudoscience exploitation, often because there is some sort of truth in the claim. I’ve studied neurology at university level (20 years of brainfog ago!) and I still find it tricky to decide what is pseudoscience or just not yet well evidenced. The other issue is the basic idea can be sound but the marketing or cost is dodgy.

To save you spending your remaining pennies on expensive CDs I’ve collated a list of free resources. These relaxation resources are listed in order of how well I need to be to find them useful. Some of them feel a bit unusual to start with and may just be too wacky for you. If you find it relaxing use it, if not you’ve only wasted a few minutes.

º Indicates length of session and whether there is background music or sound.

To be followed up by chattier reviews from my experiences of trying out these techniques.

One thought on “Free Relaxation and Meditation Resources

  1. Hi,
    We’ve recently re-launched… with two free meditations available immediately and then a new one every month until you’ve unlocked the whole set! Please check it out and feel free to link to us if you ever update this wonderful collection of resources you have 🙂 Cheers, Will.

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