Free Relaxation and Meditation Resources

The resources are listed in order of how well I need to be to find them useful. I am attempting to make this website accessible to those with brain fog, so this post is organised as a simple list of resources, to be followed by discussion in separate posts:

 Brain Entrainment

Yoga Nidra

  • website: Yoga Nidra for ME (16 mins, music off)
  • app: Deeply Relax (10 mins, music on/offº)
  • youtube: Yoga Nidra (36 mins, music onº)
  • wellness required: ability to listen to instructions while lying still

Self Hypnosis


  • website: Free Meditation Info (e.g. 5 mins, music onº)
  • app: Sparsh Meditation, om mani padme hum, (e.g. 10 mins set repeat, music onº)
  • youtube: Maranatha (7 mins, music off)
  • wellness required: ability to concentrate on meditation while chanting


Gentle Yoga

º Indicates length of session and whether there is background music or sound.

To be followed up by chattier reviews from my experiences of trying out these techniques.


One thought on “Free Relaxation and Meditation Resources

  1. Hi,
    We’ve recently re-launched… with two free meditations available immediately and then a new one every month until you’ve unlocked the whole set! Please check it out and feel free to link to us if you ever update this wonderful collection of resources you have 🙂 Cheers, Will.

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