Resource: Essential Oils List for ME

Following on from the post Resource: Aromatherapy for ME

Essential Oils for ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia

Mostly I use essential oils because I like the scent. It is possible they have some therapeutic value too. Probably best to take this with a pinch of salt (and the salt is likely more useful!) but if you like the scent as well, why not try some of these?

A very brief summary of the reported properties of oils:

Grapefruit – releasing, energy, clarity, for frustration, migraines, nausea, more

Rosemary – stimulant, clarity, for memory, sneezing, aches, tiredness, more

Basil – clearing, for mental exhaustion, memory, colds, fainting, aches, more

Clary Sage – euphoric, muscle relaxant, for restless exhaustion, PMT, obsession, more

Lavender – balancing, antibacterial, for immune system, restless mind, headache, more

Neroli – nurturing, stress reliever, for broken sleep, mental strain, more

Geranium – balancing, lymphatic system, for depression, let go of past, PMT, more

Cinnamon – energising, strengthening, antibacterial for fevers, flu, digestion, more

Thyme – soothing, antibacterial, energy in weakness, for aches, stress, more

Vetiver – tranquility, grounding, restful sleep, for tight muscles, pain, sleep, more

Clove – pain reliever, sense of healing, energy, for memory, more

Frankincense – rejuvenating, calms breathing, raises mood for meditation, more 

Palma Rosa – convalescence, calm, for digestion, intestinal infection, muddled thoughts, fatigue more

 (use this search to find oils on ebay)


 Future blog post topics: I have lots more posts in my mind ready to type out when I have the energy. e.g. a focus on sleeping better, recovery stories, breathing techniques, resources from different religions. What are you interested in?

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