Review: Essential Oils for ME

Following on from the post Resource: Aromatherapy for ME

Name/s of approach: Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

Heritage/Spiritual context*: ancient heritage goes back to 3500 BCish, associated with aromatic offerings to gods, also linked to herbalists. Aromatherapy as we know it today goes back to 1907ish and requires no spiritual belief.

Their explanation: The molecules of essential oils are exceptionally small and potent and are easily absorbed by our skin and lungs, making it an efficient method of absorbing the healing properties of specific plants.

Accepting Sceptics’ view^: It is widely accepted that nice smells can make you feel happier or calmer. Some research shows significant results with specific essential oils (eg antibacterial properties of cinnamon), but there is generally insufficient research in this area.

What to expect: I find some ‘recipes’ have an instant effect and for some its a gentler, calming long term benefit. In Resource: Aromatherapy for ME I included the recipes I have that seem most relevant to ME. In Resource: Essential Oils for ME I list essential oils and their properties that seem most relevant to ME.

Helps with: I find its particularly good for migraines, headaches, anxiety.

Not so good for: an approach to ME all by itself, I think this needs to be used in combination with other approaches.

Side effects/cautions: Not for epileptics and those with heart arrhythmias (see here and here for more cautions)

My questionª: which essential oils should I be using that I haven’t mentioned?

Further reading: How does Aromatherapy work?


  • I will indicate if specific religious belief is required. Most meditative practices are rooted in spiritual traditions but you do not usually need to believe anything specifically to benefit from using them.

^ This is either a best-guess at other reasons for the positive effect of the practice or based on secular research. It should make it more palatable to those of you who can’t believe the official position (see ‘Why, sometimes…‘).

ª Can you help me to understand? If so, please comment.

º Indicates length of session and whether there is background music.

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