Resource: Temperature, Sleep 2

This is the 2nd of a series of posts with tips on getting a better night sleep. 

Change of Temperature

This is such a simple tip I’m hesitant to call it a ‘resource’. Research has shown that a drop in temperature is associated with feeling sleepy. You can induce this natural phenomenon by reducing your body temperature about 1 ½ hours before your desired sleep time. Just make sure you don’t ignore the sleepiness when it arrives, you need to go with it when you feel sleepy.

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  1. Take a bath 90 mins before bed (perhaps with a few drops of clary sage and neroli essential oil)

  2. Hug a hot bottle an hour before bed and then either let it cool or move it

  3. If you’re bedridden use an electric blanket in the evening but have it turn off an hour or so before sleep

  4. I also find little things like turning over the pillow or duvet help (this may be placebo!)

Question: what helps you get to sleep at a normal time?

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