Resource: A Day of Stoicism, Stoical ME 2

This post assumes you’ve read my previous post on Stoicism and ME. This is a really abbreviated version in the order you may use the resources during the day.

4 Morning Meditation

Watch this video tomorrow morning:

For subsequent mornings:

Download this meditation 

Listen in the morning after you’ve eaten. Pay particular attention to planning for setbacks.

3 Right Now

Set an alarm or Mindfulness Bell app to go off every one or two hours for a period of the day. Or you can do this in every ad break or loo visit.

Stop what you’re doing and create a mental list of everything you’re experiencing in the immediate present.

Do this for about a minute.

Over time, are there any patterns in your observations?

 6 Observing me with ME

Keep a tally every time you have a negative thought/reaction that runs away with itself (not just a fleeting thought). You may want to use an app like Counter and you might want to categorise the thoughts (eg ‘relapse panic’, ‘insomnia catastrophe’, ‘friend rejection’).

Use this meditation as a one-off: 

1 Afternoon Meditation

Download this meditation 

If you want to check the content the script is here.

2 What is important?

“Health, wealth, and reputation may sometimes be preferable in life but they’re not necessary to excel and flourish as a human being – all you truly need is virtue and strength of character.” Donald Robertson

Use this meditation as you wish to get things in perspective

8 Evening Meditation

For the first evening listen to this explanation and meditation

 Download this meditation to use for subsequent evenings

Listen to the meditation mid-evening when you’re still relatively awake (I found it overstimulating to do at bed-time).

5 Up to Me?

There is no point worrying about things which you have no control over. Stoics think that only our thoughts and actions are under our control.

Take some time to think about issues around control, perhaps while you’re resting in bed. 

7 Heroes and Virtue

Take time to identify the virtues/values/morals you live your life by.

Identify at least 5 people you admire.

Identify virtues they have in common (perseverance, social justice etc).

Optional activities:

Favourite/retweet tweets that support your values (with #StoicalME)

Create a Pinterest board of value based quotes

Start a Twitter Hero (private?) list of spoonies who demonstrate shared values in their blogs or tweets and check their tweets regularly

Add in positive categories to your thought tally, related to the virtues/values you identified (eg ‘self disciplined’, ‘kind actions’).

9 The Good Life is a Simple Life

Practice this principle by giving up a type of food that other people with ME say is bad for them (e.g. wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine). In your mind, focus completely on this being an exercise in self-discipline. Try not to concentrate on whether you are actually feeling better or whether you like what you’re eating.

10 Fate and Destiny

The Stoic worldview can be challenging, and I’m not expecting that you’ll be signing up to it in its entirety (I certainly don’t).

Take some time to think about choice, fate and destiny.

NB all images, quotes and audio content below are from Modern Stoicism, unless otherwise attributed.  The Stoicism Today team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License 

If you are able to read normally you might want to head directly to Modern Stoicism’s Stoic Week Handbook.

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