Resource: Tips for Enduring and Escaping Boredom

This is a Note to Self post which you may also find helpful. It is written for a housebound spoonie. The reflection paired with this post is here. 

Tips for Living with Boredom

Watch the clouds
Listen to sounds until something random happens (eg dog barks)
Colour in or create a Zentangle pattern
Yoga Nidra

Guided Mindfulness

Repetitive paper craft (eg around Christmas making baubles and stars)
Stoic meditation 

Audio Dharma talks
Sleep with me, a sleep inducing podcast

Non-visual Tips for Escaping Boredom

Listen to podcasts on pre-arranged Stitcher app stations eg:
Friday night comedy from Radio 4

Bulletproof radio

This American Life

Thinking Allowed

On Being

Smart Passive Income

Audio books eg The Woman who went to bed for a year, Sue Townsend (free online audiobook via library), Colin Bateman novels
Skype someone

Tips for Escaping Boredom (visual focus)

TV (see previous post)
Gentle Games eg solitaire, free cells, hidden objects, mystery, Sims, city building, Emperor, Bejeweled
Pinterest eg interior design, puppies, quotes, art, plants
Online reading (Pocket)

Please share what you’ve learnt too.


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