Resource: Tips for Enduring and Escaping Boredom

This is a Note to Self post which you may also find helpful. It is written for a housebound spoonie. The reflection paired with this post is here. 

Tips for Living with Boredom

Watch the clouds
Listen to sounds until something random happens (eg dog barks)
Colour in or create a Zentangle pattern
Yoga Nidra

Guided Mindfulness

Repetitive paper craft (eg around Christmas making baubles and stars)
Stoic meditation 

Audio Dharma talks
Sleep with me, a sleep inducing podcast

Non-visual Tips for Escaping Boredom

Listen to podcasts on pre-arranged Stitcher app stations eg:
Friday night comedy from Radio 4

Bulletproof radio

This American Life

Thinking Allowed

On Being

Smart Passive Income

Audio books eg The Woman who went to bed for a year, Sue Townsend (free online audiobook via library), Colin Bateman novels
Skype someone

Tips for Escaping Boredom (visual focus)

TV (see previous post)
Gentle Games eg solitaire, free cells, hidden objects, mystery, Sims, city building, Emperor, Bejeweled
Pinterest eg interior design, puppies, quotes, art, plants
Online reading (Pocket)

Please share what you’ve learnt too.

7 thoughts on “Resource: Tips for Enduring and Escaping Boredom

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  2. Hello ! I have a crazy obsession at the moment with numbered colouring,

    (numbered pixels form a picture / a face / a scene. The pixels can be square-shaped or triangle-shaped. I have found that among magazines and other cross-words, sudoku etc. I love them because I need no brain to do it, it is a meditation, and it is interesting, I mean I really have feelings about the process, the artist, the looks of the artwork)

    this activity is perfect for when I need a low stimulation single-focused activity.

    nb : bright cloured aquarel pencils are the best to do that, in my opinion, I love the feeling of it spreading on the paper. but it is me. I also enjoy doing it with felt-tip pens.

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    • I’ve tried colouring as a form of meditation for some reason I find it particularly cognitively draining 😔 but I can see how it could be pleasantly absorbing


  3. I am not very into craft, like you I enjoy repetitive paper craft. like making plenty of butterflies in bright colors and send them to friends, with one word written on every butterfly. or making origami (like dragon eggs! and ninja stars! and send them to my little cousins)

    the numbered-pixel coloring thing opens me to my taste for pixel artworks.
    so maybe I will come to cross-stitching or tapestry, from that modern perspective?

    This article helps me opening my horizon, I was glad to find it,
    as at the moment I feel I need renewal. This is a juicy list of creative activities !

    pinterest and youtube are fantastic for giving tips, tutorials and new insights on
    a particular craft technique.

    I enjoy singing very much. when I am low in spoons, I like to sing in my head, and learn songs by heart. I also enjoy singing mantras in my head while listening to mantra chanting. and reading jokes and trying to say/learn them by heart.

    I also came to prayer, (sending) blessings, they are low energy happiness skills.

    About the moving the body thing, … I have found an alternative ! sometimes, I like throwing objects in the air ! like wooden sticks (in the garden) or tennis balls in socks (indoor) they make really good ballistics !!! Sometimes I just needs to throw something in the air 😀
    or smatsh something. the combo tennis balls + socks are great for that too ! you get the feeling of smashing something (smatching the mattress with the ball) without feeling the impact on the body (you hold the ball by the sock that is around it) Try it !!

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  4. oh! I have finally found a yoga teacher that is perfect for me when I am recovering. (well … a lot of the time) : sleepy santosha on youtube. she is very good. she has two completely supine yoga sessions, one for potsies, the other one for spoonies !
    I feel home !
    her voice is paradise to me. I find the music is okay. could be unappropriate for those with noise sensitivities though.

    Those 2 yoga sessions are a very soothing breeze in my day. Yoga makes me feel like a cat I love it so much !

    Another yoga session that is okay with me and my M.E. : isometric yoga for ME/CFS (no music)

    Also talking about ME/CFS friendly yoga, the ME-CFS knowledge center has specific yoga sequences, one is completely supine. I didn’t check it out yet.

    that kind of yoga is desingned for very low spoon days.
    the isometric yoga is slighlty more intense. ps : Thank you Jenny for making me discover yoga nidra !!! Céline

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  5. Have you discovered the interesting world of ASMR ? this is a phenomenon on youtube. all that you will need is stereo headphones.

    it is very low spoons entertainment. this can be very meditative and relaxing. or soothing. you can just listen to the sounds and enjoy the tingling sensations : your body’s answer to it !! or you can enjoy the ombination of sound + image. you can find ASMR videos especially made without talking, but most ASMR-ers talk in a very soothing tone of voice.

    I think ASMR videos is a very cool ressource ! my favourites when I am very low is Heather Feather (walking in the snow) otherwise I really like ASMRrequests. RedASMR. I love Olivia Kissper. they all have their styles and special sense of humour. some specialize in hair brushing and hair washing, and that is very soothing as well. some are role plays for personal attention I can really feel it sends feel good chemicals to my brain. Those people get very creative it can be a very fun experience if you find the right setting to feel completely immersed into it.

    I personally place my laptop on a dining bed-table, and lie down.


    • My partner and I both experience ASMR but we didn’t realise it was a thing until recently (we thought everyone could experience but apparently that’s not true)

      It’s not ASMRbut a quirky thing like that I like is hair and makeup videos. Especially colour swatches of lots of different lipsticks. It’s not sexual or anything like that I just find it relaxing.


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