The Princess and ME: a Paradoxical Curse

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 “Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi.

  Once upon a time, that seems so long ago, the Princess felt happy and healthy and lived a vibrant life. Then one New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight she kissed a handsome Prince, as was the custom for Princesses to do. However, to this Princess’ misfortune their kiss awakened the Ancient Kissing Curse of Paradox (a Curse also known under many different names).

  To her despair her glands ballooned in size, so that she was rendered unable to speak, and no-one could understand what was happening to her. She felt very strange and experienced an exhaustion that was different from anything that had come before. Her symptoms changed from day-to-day, but she just felt differently ill. It was agreed that this was a cruel curse indeed.

   Although no-one had experience of breaking the curse she found that many people had strong advice to give. Some people said “the sunshine will do you a world of good” so she lay outside in the sunshine, but the sunlight in her eyes gave her a piercing headache and she saw stars in the daylight. ” Such a Princess!” the people say who go outside everyday.

  Some people said “a normal day’s work is therapeutic” so she spun yarn, but she pricked and infected her finger because she could not think straight. “Such a Princess!” the people say who toil everyday.

  Some people said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so she ate an apple, but the apple was grown with sprays which made her queasy. “Such a Princess!” the people say who eat apples everyday.

  Some people said “you are ‘doing’ your illness, act like nothing’s wrong” so she stood up to mop the floor but swiftly fell to the ground. “Such a Princess!” the people say who clean their houses everyday.

  Some people said “get out there and face your fears” so she walked through the forest, but her heart raced and her legs turned to concrete and she took to her bed for a month. “Such a Princess!” the people say who walk through the forest everyday.

  Some people said “salt is bad for your heart”, so she ate no salt but felt funny in her head and had to stay in her bed. “Such a Princess!” the people say who cut out salt everyday.

  Some people said “this is a potion to cure all ills” so she tried all their potions, but rather than breaking the curse each made her feel worse. “Such a Princess!” the people say who feel well everyday.

   After many years of such torment under this Curse of Paradox one day a pretty blue bird flew in through the Princess’ window. It whispered that there are many other princesses (and some princes) who are afflicted with similar Curses. She put out a message to them “Do you have any tips for me?” With the help of the bird they joined together and from their joint wisdom realised that they should listen to their own bodies rather than other people. This gave some relief but did not lift the curse.

  In their frustration, they made a plea throughout the land for the brightest scholars to come forward and whoever worked tirelessly to break the curse would be richly rewarded. Then they realised that all of their wealth had been used up on the potions that had made them feel worse. How would they find the inspired person who can break the curse?

 Please help the poor, poorly princesses (#TeamPrincess) by donating to ME Research UK for ME Awareness Day. See here for more information: 

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The Princess and ME
The-Princess-and-ME 3
The-Princess-and-ME 4
The-Princess-and-ME 5
The-Princess-and-ME 6
The-Princess-and-ME 6b
The-Princess-and-ME 7

There are still princesses with ME who have yet to break the curse. Please help them by raising funds for their quest:

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11 thoughts on “The Princess and ME: a Paradoxical Curse

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  2. Agree with all the others, very beautiful, creative and elegant. Thank you for doing such an excellent job to help promote M.E. awareness 🙂

    Happy May 12th friends,

    It is with great pleasure today that we announce the creation of “Advocating4ME”, a multi-national group of grassroots activists working together to raise funds for the most promising scientific research studies for Myalgic encephalomyelitis anywhere across the world. If possible, I would encourage you to come over and check out what we have planned in the near future 🙂

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