Something Different

There’s lots of things I’d like to write about this month, including interesting personal health news, but I don’t have the cognitive energy to articulate what I want to say. It will have to wait until another post (possibly after my next neurology appointment in June).

So here’s something completely different. A silly video from my dog’s perspective of agility training

By the way I’m not in the video.

The short Instagram version is

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(There’s sound) A miniature schnauzer's viewpoint on dog agility training and how to get the most treats. Essential viewing for all dogs and humans! Are you learning gradually enough? Do you give your human enough verbal feedback? Do you make just the right number of mistakes to get treats later without discouraging your human? Understanding the human preference for a good learning narrative is important for successful agility training. How many dogs have sat quietly in the corner through hours and hours of Strictly Come Dancing drivel?! Now is the time to put these insights about human psychology to good use. 🐾 🐾 #schnauzersofinstagram #schnauzerlove #schnauzers #schnauzerofinstagram #schnauzerworld #schnauzermini #minischnauzersofinstagram #existentialassistantdog #bristolschnauzer #dogsofbristol #schnauzersofbristol #schnauzersgalore #schnauzerpic #bristolwalks #schnauzershenanigans #bristoldogs #doglessons #tutorial #dogteacher #schnauzeragility #dogagility #nietzschedog #agilitytraining

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Although she has a serious sounding name my dog helps me stay lighthearted. Her name was actually inspired by an ongoing radio comedy sketch rather than fandom of the philosopher Nietzsche.

My previous post is a good summary of the blog site so far, if you’re new to my site or not interested in silly dogs on YouTube.

What do you think?

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