Non-post Awareness Post

This is a non-post post to say that for ME Awareness Day this year I’m not writing a long essay explaining what you need to know. I’m resting after (presumed) coronavirus and demonstrating the need to listen to what your body says you need to not do.

Unfortunately we are expecting a surge of new ME patients triggered by COVID-19. I hope #MillionsMissing 2020 convinces people that convalescence and rest is important.

This is the #MEAction UK video

Please contribute in some way to the entirely virtual #MillionsMissing event (see this toolkit ) even if it’s just one retweet or share. Interacting with a popular post from another account is an effective technique to boost a message, in terms of Twitter and Facebook algorithm preferences. For the same reason, do not interact at all with disinformation or messaging you disagree with.

Tomorrow is the 200th Anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Here is a post I wrote about her and ME.

If you are left unfulfilled by this post, this is another previous ME Awareness Day post from me.

2 thoughts on “Non-post Awareness Post”

  1. Whether you have or haven’t had the virus, it’s good you’re listening to what your body needs. I’m in a similar position of not being too sure re: the virus, being told it’s likely the virus when I was extra poorly in March but there weren’t tests available then. The lingering effects are still lasting all this time later. How’re you getting on at the moment? I really hope you can take things as easy as possible. Rest, low stress, take good care of yourself. Sending love & hoping you get a little closer to baseline soon. Great post to give a nod to ME/CFS awareness, I’ve just done mine for this year too 😊
    Caz xx

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    1. I’m fairly sure it was THE virus (it was a viral cough with breathing difficulties) but I didn’t have access to testing. More worrying actually if it wasn’t, because I’m now rundown from that virus and not in a good position to face another serious virus.

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