Free Online Advent Calendar and Micro Celebrations Update

Click here for an online version of my free Advent Calendar This post is an update on last year’s Advent and Christmastide resources for celebrating the essence of the festivities from home. I know many people will still be home based for Christmas 2021, whether that’s due to energy limiting chronic illness (ELCI), shielding, lockdown… Continue reading Free Online Advent Calendar and Micro Celebrations Update

Advent and Christmastide Micro Celebrations At Home with free printables

Download your digiChristmas printable resources. This is a kit to help you experience all the Christmas feels online or within your own home.

Differentiating Post-Covid PVFS, existing ME and POTS

An attempt to pull apart my POTS, ME and post Covid symptoms

Non-post Awareness Post

This is a non-post post to say that for ME Awareness Day this year I’m not writing a long essay explaining what you need to know.

Understanding the IDO Metabolic Trap Hypothesis

‘Typical IDO2 is protective against ME’ might be a better way around to describe it? IDO2 variants on their own don’t result in ME but people without these variants don’t get ME whatever stressors they encounter?

Waxing lyrical: ME Awareness

Everyone has had the experience of finding song lyrics meaningful to their circumstances, despite this not being the original purpose of the lyrics. An ME Awareness Day playlist with some explanation could be a new angle to help you understand my experience.

Something Different

There’s lots of things I’d like to write about this month, including interesting personal health news, but I don’t have the cognitive energy to articulate what I want to say. It will have to wait until another post (possibly after my next neurology appointment in June). So here’s something completely different. A silly video from… Continue reading Something Different

Blog Anniversary: 4 year recap

4 years of blogging the end-of-series style compilation post

Smart Homes for Spoonie Problems

Title image with vintage phone illustration

Did you watch Tomorrow’s World as a child? Now tomorrow is today, just with messy wiring and period features.

Tutorial: Easy Vintage hair

Thumbnail picture from my YouTube video showing me with socks in my hair and the title

This tutorial is my adaptation of the sock curls technique to a vintage style. I usually do this in a couple of minutes in bed after a bath.

Chronically Cheerful Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas wherever you are and however bad your health is!

Attacked by Hope

Attacked by Hope the three Graces nude

Anyone living with chronic illness has a complex relationship with Hope. Over the last couple of weeks mine has been so tumultuous that we could be beyond speaking terms soon.

Growing inspiring dreams into fruition

Painting of woman resting (Daydreaming by Edward Harrison May) with blog title on top

Listening to inspirational, creative dreams whilst reducing activity

Metaphors in ME

Woman inside a bubble

What metaphors or images would you use to describe your experience of ME?

Resource: Affordable LowTox Products

Inexpensive, low toxin toiletries and makeup which you can order online

Inclusion would be NICE

An update on my recent busyness with NICE guidelines and the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Resource: Spoonie Pinup Beauty Tips

Lots of low-energy, low-cost, low-toxin beauty tips with a vintage theme.