Review: Can Post-Exertional Malaise make a Placebo Effect seem like a Nocebo?

Does Post-Exertional Malaise lead to unusual Placebo Effects in ME that seem more like Nocebo? This post explores my experience of a Placebo controlled experiment.

The Princess and ME: a Paradoxical Curse


The Princess and ME a tale of the Paradoxical Curse... Some people said "this is a potion to cure all ills" so she tried all their potions, but rather than breaking the curse each made her feel worse. "Such a Princess!" the people say who feel well everyday.

ME May 12 Blog Bomb: the fairystory of the truth


The Tale of the Princess and ME A visual tale of one princess' journey through ME/CFS using illustrations from fairytales. "Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth." Rumi. There are still princesses with ME who have yet to break the curse. Please help them by raising funds… Continue reading ME May 12 Blog Bomb: the fairystory of the truth

This is M.E. – ME /CFS / Fibro Awareness Day 2014 – Blog Chain

5 things that you may not know about me. Part of an awareness raising blog chain on May 12th 2014.

Review: Essential Oils for ME

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Following on from the post Resource: Aromatherapy for ME Name/s of approach: Aromatherapy, Essential Oils Heritage/Spiritual context*: ancient heritage goes back to 3500 BCish, associated with aromatic offerings to gods, also linked to herbalists. Aromatherapy as we know it today goes back to 1907ish and requires no spiritual belief. Their explanation: The molecules of essential oils are… Continue reading Review: Essential Oils for ME

Resource: Acupressure, Sleep 1

Diagram of Spleen 6 point

This is the first of a series of posts with tips on getting a better night sleep. Acupressure for Sleep This post will help you to locate 3 acupuncture points that may help you sleep. Recent sleep research using acupuncture at these points was 84.1% effective, compared to a benzodiazepine pharmaceutical medication at 59.7% and 25% for the… Continue reading Resource: Acupressure, Sleep 1

Resource: Essential Oils List for ME

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A very brief summary of the reported properties of oils which may be useful for chronic illness.

Resource: Aromatherapy for Spoonies

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I have no expectation of being Cured through aromatherapy. However, I have found that some oils help with some some symptoms. Recipes can also have a synagistic effect and so I've written up a few that I use below. You may also want to read this review and this list of essential oil properties. It isn't free but some of the oils are £1 on ebay and last a long time (use this search to find them). You don't have to use every oil in the recipe. The first 5 oils I'd buy would be: grapefruit, rosemary, basil, clary sage and lavender (≅£7).

“Why, sometimes…

Ideas on how to choose appropriate treatments.