Advent and Christmastide Micro Celebrations At Home with free printables

Download your digiChristmas printable resources. This is a kit to help you experience all the Christmas feels online or within your own home.

Smart Homes for Spoonie Problems

Title image with vintage phone illustration

Did you watch Tomorrow’s World as a child? Now tomorrow is today, just with messy wiring and period features.

Tutorial: Easy Vintage hair

Thumbnail picture from my YouTube video showing me with socks in my hair and the title

This tutorial is my adaptation of the sock curls technique to a vintage style. I usually do this in a couple of minutes in bed after a bath.

Chronically Cheerful Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas wherever you are and however bad your health is!

Growing inspiring dreams into fruition

Painting of woman resting (Daydreaming by Edward Harrison May) with blog title on top

Listening to inspirational, creative dreams whilst reducing activity

Resource: Affordable LowTox Products

Inexpensive, low toxin toiletries and makeup which you can order online

Inclusion would be NICE

An update on my recent busyness with NICE guidelines and the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Resource: Spoonie Pinup Beauty Tips

Lots of low-energy, low-cost, low-toxin beauty tips with a vintage theme.

Ascribed and Chosen Identities in Chronic Illness

I'm particularly curious about how far the ripples from chronic illness affect seemingly unrelated aspects of our lives.

Minor Ailments Major Obstacle

This post describes my recent 'minor ailments' and raises ideas about highlighting sick on Sick

Review: Rejuvenation Lotion

This post is the first time I have been given the product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network.

Spoonie Utopia

imagine that the next election results in a government whose top priority is people with ME/Spoonies

Resource: Home Hacking Blood Glucose

My home version of a study into blood glucose and personalised nutrition

Spoonie Poem

Poem about my kitchen cupboard

A poem written for National Poetry Day with an explanation of why it is what it is.
A Twitter strategy for using trending hashtags for ME and Spoonie Awareness.
Planning a novel.

How to Read a Newspaper

We read about someone who's found an instant cure from (insert Spoonie condition of your affliction) after a relatively short amount of time. This post unpacks some of our initial thoughts including:

They were never ill in the first place; They were ill but it's not true that they are now well; They can't have had what I have; It's true that they recovered but for a different reason; It's great that they found a way to get well; If I try that will it work for me? I've been ill much longer, I'd know if that works; Why have I been ill so long? It's not fair; The newspaper has got it wrong.

Resource: Tips for Living with Illness

This is a Guest Post by Sarah Caddick (who also wrote Capturing the Essence). It includes tips for carers and those with chronic illness on how to manage the caring relationship and also other tips for coping with day-to-day life with a chronic illness.

Resource: Comfy Convalescence

Some recommended products for a comfier Spoonie life. Tips for resting, light sensitivity, support clothes and bras.