Contribute to NIH Research Strategy

Email the NIH and get your voice heard in ME research strategy. This post is my input.

Paradoxical Research Funding

An argument has erupted this week between UK psychologists and funders that has relevance for the problems we face with ME research. Could a common purpose create a very unexpected alliance to improve appropriate allocation of research funding?

Resource: Home Hacking Blood Glucose

My home version of a study into blood glucose and personalised nutrition

Is it About Getting Better or NOT Getting Worse?

Is it not so much what you do as what doesn't happen that determines recovery from ME? Musings in light of the finding of little difference between treatment groups at the PACE follow up. Is relapse more important than improvement? Tips for preventing relapse.

ME Awareness Blog Bomb

A May 12 Blog Bomb post.

The Princess and ME: a Paradoxical Curse


The Princess and ME a tale of the Paradoxical Curse... Some people said "this is a potion to cure all ills" so she tried all their potions, but rather than breaking the curse each made her feel worse. "Such a Princess!" the people say who feel well everyday.

Resource: Quick Tips for Pacing

Quick Tips for Pacing. These may be new ideas to you or simply a reminder.

Review/Resource: Variations on Pacing

Bird in cage

A post discussing different forms of Pacing and the difficulties involved.

Resource: Capturing the Essence

This is a Guest Post article by Sarah Caddick. Capturing the Essence How to make the most of life when faced with great restrictions due to severe ME? I have been living with severe ME for several years. The restrictions of ME have meant that my level of activity has ranged from lying on the… Continue reading Resource: Capturing the Essence

Is CFS Real?

Is CFS "Real"? Tongue-in-Cheek contemplation of the un/reality of CFS.