Spoonie Utopia

imagine that the next election results in a government whose top priority is people with ME/Spoonies Continue reading


Spoonie Poem

Poem about my kitchen cupboard

A poem written for National Poetry Day with an explanation of why it is what it is.
A Twitter strategy for using trending hashtags for ME and Spoonie Awareness.
Planning a novel. Continue reading

The Princess and ME: a Paradoxical Curse

pic http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/291/2/d/the_lady_of_shalott_by_rottenragamuffins-d311uip.jpg

The Princess and ME a tale of the Paradoxical Curse…
Some people said “this is a potion to cure all ills” so she tried all their potions, but rather than breaking the curse each made her feel worse. “Such a Princess!” the people say who feel well everyday. Continue reading