Inclusion would be NICE

An update on my recent busyness with NICE guidelines and the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

What Would Florence Do?

What would Florence Nightingale do if she was alive today with ME?

Petition Publicity – the battle plan

You know people the rest of us don't know and we need their support.

Paralysis and PACE

I’ve tried to tell this story how it unfolded without too much meaning making. Hopefully the contrast is clear though. I would be surprised if the hospital doctor wasn’t influenced by PACE and it’s repercussions.

Is it About Getting Better or NOT Getting Worse?

Is it not so much what you do as what doesn't happen that determines recovery from ME? Musings in light of the finding of little difference between treatment groups at the PACE follow up. Is relapse more important than improvement? Tips for preventing relapse.

Review/Resource: Variations on Pacing

Bird in cage

A post discussing different forms of Pacing and the difficulties involved.