Resource: Guided Meditations for Alternative Pain Relief

A collection of free, guided meditations from around the web to help you cope with pain. Styles included: insight meditation, yoga nidra, seated T'ai Chi, and seated Qigong

Resource: Tips for Enduring and Escaping Boredom

Bird in cage

Tips that may enable you to cope with the boredom that accompanies spoonie life.

Review: Philosophy for Health, Modern Stoicism

Does an ancient philosophy have something new to offer folk experiencing chronic illness? A spoonie review of Modern Stoicism

If Seneca Had a Heart Rate Monitor

At the moment because I've got into modern stoicism at the same time as looking into heart rate monitor pacing I'm finding that I'm sort of amalgamating these two very different approaches.

Review: Yoga Nidra

Review of a clever relaxation technique similar to mindfulness meditation.

Free Relaxation and Meditation Resources

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