Differentiating Post-Covid PVFS, existing ME and POTS

An attempt to pull apart my POTS, ME and post Covid symptoms

Understanding the IDO Metabolic Trap Hypothesis

‘Typical IDO2 is protective against ME’ might be a better way around to describe it? IDO2 variants on their own don’t result in ME but people without these variants don’t get ME whatever stressors they encounter?

What Would Florence Do?

What would Florence Nightingale do if she was alive today with ME?

Minor Ailments Major Obstacle

This post describes my recent 'minor ailments' and raises ideas about highlighting sick on Sick

Learning how to die

I will try to frame this in the sense of exploring how we process fear of death

Petition Publicity – the battle plan

You know people the rest of us don't know and we need their support.

Persuasion Savvy Advocacy Challenge

It is not about presenting logical argument. It is about values and emotions. Values trump facts. Every time.

Review: Rejuvenation Lotion

This post is the first time I have been given the product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network.

Spoonie Utopia

imagine that the next election results in a government whose top priority is people with ME/Spoonies

Contribute to NIH Research Strategy

Email the NIH and get your voice heard in ME research strategy. This post is my input.

Paralysis and PACE

I’ve tried to tell this story how it unfolded without too much meaning making. Hopefully the contrast is clear though. I would be surprised if the hospital doctor wasn’t influenced by PACE and it’s repercussions.

10 insights on life: Awareness through ME

10 insights: This ME Awareness Day #May12BlogBomb post is a perspective from the awareness of having ME, looking outwards through ME, as opposed to turning the lens on ME itself.

Are you Disabled?

On Twitter there have been some interesting discussions this week about disability identity and ME. I think this is worth everyone with ME thinking about. For most of us ME is enduring, substantial & has a significant effect on our life. These are the very requirements of defining a disability.

Paradoxical Research Funding

An argument has erupted this week between UK psychologists and funders that has relevance for the problems we face with ME research. Could a common purpose create a very unexpected alliance to improve appropriate allocation of research funding?

Resource: Home Hacking Blood Glucose

My home version of a study into blood glucose and personalised nutrition

Review: Can Post-Exertional Malaise make a Placebo Effect seem like a Nocebo?

Does Post-Exertional Malaise lead to unusual Placebo Effects in ME that seem more like Nocebo? This post explores my experience of a Placebo controlled experiment.

MEaction Post

I'm writing more for other places, as well as my blog. This week was my 1st #MEaction post