Learning how to die

I will try to frame this in the sense of exploring how we process fear of death

Guest blog: Stoicism Today

My contribution to Stoic Week is this post: The title is Stoicism and Chronic Uncertainty and it is an amalgamation of my stoicism posts on here which reflect on stoicism and the spoonie life. Symphony of Love image

Review: Philosophy for Health, Modern Stoicism

Does an ancient philosophy have something new to offer folk experiencing chronic illness? A spoonie review of Modern Stoicism

If Seneca Had a Heart Rate Monitor

At the moment because I've got into modern stoicism at the same time as looking into heart rate monitor pacing I'm finding that I'm sort of amalgamating these two very different approaches.

Resource: A Day of Stoicism, Stoical ME 2

Stoic Guided Meditations to be used throughout the day.

Resource: Stoical ME, practical wisdom for adversity

I have curated an edited-down version of the Modern Stoicism course below which I think will be more accessible to our community. For example, I've organised mainly audio/video content.